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Carrie is one of my most favourite healers!  She is very gifted and I love the way her intuition guides her to colour outside the lines. Her healing isn’t by the book and because of that, it’s miraculous. She has done more spiritual work on me in one session than several have accomplished in a lifetime. Her soul realignment abilities are also incredible…she turned me onto this gift and I’m ever grateful to her for all of the change she’s inspired in my life. Love Carrie and would highly recommend her gifts to anyone feeling like they’re struggling through this life, she can clear negativity and blockages, like no other. Carrie is my spiritual warrior and I’m honoured to walk the earth with this angel warrior.

Jennifer H.

Carrie is a wonderful practitioner who makes you feel right at home while working on you. I HIGHLY recommend her work, especially if you have hit a plateau in your life or need direction to make changes for your highest good

Justin S.

I just wanted to say thank you for what you have brought into my life.  The Personal Soul-Realignment session gave me such clarity, confidence and a knowing regarding my spiritual path.  After the session I felt a sense of peace, joy and a knowing that left me feeling blissful.  I truly do enjoy our theta healing sessions together as I find you to be a great intuitive and healer.  You help me gain clarity in areas of my life that I myself cannot see, release what I need to release and bring in downloads that help me move forward with ease. Your manner is one of highest integrity, honesty and without judgement,  which I myself hold very dear and require when I seek assistance in my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual path, well-being and evolution.


Thank you Carrie for all that you are and all that you do.  Humanity is in great need of more people like you!


With Much Love & Gratitude,


Lynn V.

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