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For Light-Workers, Intuitives, and Empaths to REGAIN THEIR “ENERGY” HEALTH 

 clear your energy blocks, find comfort and stability in your life, and recognize your natural soul gifts. 


I’m Carrie


For those of you that are just starting to get to know me, I am a small town girl at heart.  I have lived in a rural community for most of my life and I understand the physical practicalities of life and raising a family, as well as the energetic behind what makes situations unhealthy and toxic. 

I’ve spend many years as a social worker helping families in the most disempowered and oppressed situations . . . . and in 2005 when I first started energy healing is when I began my Journey to helping people identify the ROOT cause of their discomfort and disempowerment.  I work very diligently helping empathic women, light-workers, and intuitive(s).  I know this is the perfect time to connect and help you master your energy and move forward with confidence.  


I am an intuitive and experienced certified ThetaHealer® and Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Soul Realignment® for Business Practitioner, Reiki Master. 

What I Do

Akashic Records Readings

  • Chakra Analysis
  • Soul Realignment
  • Monthly Membership Options                    (contact me for information)

Individual Session(s)

  • Sessions by phone, zoom, or in person.  ThetaHealing®, reiki, and vibrational tune-up’s offered

Group work and Mastermind(s)

  • Intuitive Masterminds
  • Reiki By the River
  • Contact me for specialized group work / group healing sessions


“Thank you Carrie for all that you are and all that you do.  Humanity is in great need of more people like you!”

 With Much Love & Gratitude,

Lynn V

Carrie is one of my most favourite healers! She is very gifted and I love the way her intuition guides her to colour outside the lines. Her healing isn’t by the book and because of that, it’s miraculous. She has done more spiritual work on me in one session than several have accomplished in a lifetime. Her soul realignment abilities are also incredible…she turned me onto this gift and I’m ever grateful to her for all of the change she’s inspired in my life. Love Carrie and would highly recommend her gifts to anyone feeling like they’re struggling through this life, she can clear negativity and blockages, like no other. Carrie is my spiritual warrior and I’m honoured to walk the earth with this angel warrior. J. H.

Carrie is a wonderful practitioner who makes you feel right at home while working on you. I HIGHLY recommend her work, especially if you have hit a plateau in your life or need direction to make changes for your highest good

J. S.

Participating in Membership, has provided me with insight, skills and greater calm in my life. I appreciated the monthly downloads, exercises, and individualized readings. Completing the exercises allowed me to have more insight and intention in my life. I can be so busy being productive, that I forget to look within for insight, to reflect and live my life with intention to bring about what I want. To live on purpose, actively, as opposed to blindly continuing old habits that no longer serve me. It is important to find the joys in the present moment, to have gratitude and exercise compassion. Trust in your intuition. Completing this course has provided me with techniques and exercises that I can continue to use throughout my life. I recommend Carrie Butcher to those who desire guidance in their life, to discover who they are and what they can do to bring more peace, joy and love into their life.”


“Wow, a reading from Carrie is packed full of information.  She has been able to pinpoint the source of my struggles, helped me understand why I reacted as I did and provided me with ways to deal and clear up these issues. I was glad to have a recording of it due to the volume of material she has to share. Listening to it several times has enabled me to process and truly realize how accurate she was.  Allow yourself the time to process the information, integrate it within your life, and then listen to it again.  You will find some tidbit of information that you previously overlooked now providing you with that “Aha” you did not see before.”



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