Phone Session


This service is a personal single personal session (over the phone).  You will have a chance to work through the issues that are causing you difficulty, and release the things that are no longer serving you.  Giving you the support you need to make real change in your life.  Helping you remove energetic blocks and restrictions, guiding you to your inner authority and self mastery.


This service includes very deep energy level healing. This is where you let go of what doesn’t work anymore.  Essentially if it is broken (energetically speaking) FIX IT.  Supporting you as you find what you need to know to move forward in your life, to help you lighten-up and take new actions in your life.

• Digging to the bottom of what is no longer serving you in your everyday life, and integrating lessons you have learned – so you can be free and no longer have to keep experiencing the same things over and over again!  Change Limiting Belief Systems.  Open up to create a new way.

• Helping you gain a solid connection with Creator of All That to show you how to recognize yourself with the changes that you have chosen.


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