Soul Business


Soul Realignment and Business Analysis.  Will include 3 distance (over zoom) sessions (a soul realignment and manifesting blueprint reading; a business analysis with energetic set-up of business; and a follow-up session).  Also includes email support throughout the process.


Aligning your soul with how you are naturally made, and then aligning your business with your Desires.  Includes a detailed energetic analysis of your energeitic make-up, and detailed analysis of the energy going on in your business.  Within the akashic records, we look at the connection between yourself and your business. We look at specific areas that are in alignment with who you are at a soul level, and the areas that are misaligned.  In a series of 3 seperate sessions we look at who you are naturally made to be, what aspects to you need to change / keep the same to manifest what you want for you business, and follow-up support.

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