Soul Realignment


This is a reading for your soul!  The first part of your reading is packed full of information about your souls true gifts and gives you real clues as to how to show up in your life to increase your sense of peace and the fulfillment you have in everyday life.  The second part of your reading looking at the soul level blocks and restrictions that are making your life very difficult.


“Soul Realignment” sessions are In-Depth Akashic Record Reading and Clearing for you specifically.  

This is a really specific look through your akashic records at who you truly are at a soul level (how you are made up) - so you can more fully step into your path and purpose.

In this reading we also discover the BIG soul level blocks and restrictions that are making your life hard!

***When there is a soul level block or restriction present - even if you know you want to change something in your life - it can feel almost like a magnet that keeps bringing you back to the same old patterns. When the blocks are cleared it opens a doorway so you can actually have success and truly change the “old patterns” that are keeping you stuck.***

You are given homework to complete after the session so you are able to complete the releasing in integrate a new state of being.

This session can be done anywhere in the world that has access to a phone. (Usually we will be in session for 1 hour)

This Service has deep and valuable information about who you are meant to be at soul level.

The results of this session can be truly life changing and beautiful.

Includes post-session support if needed via e-mail


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