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I am a small town girl with a big understanding of personal energy, and how to assess and resolve energetic blocks / restrictions.  I can help you manage your energy to get from a place of chaos to a space of calm in your life.

Hi, my name is Carrie Butcher.  I am a small town girl with a big understanding of energy and how to manage it.  I love to help women and families get from a place of chaos to calm.

I help women, just like you find and understand their “Soul Self” and manage their energy to get from a space of chaos in their lives to a place of calm in their life.  I love to help find imbalances and resolve what no longer serves your best good. 

For many years I worked as a social worker as someone who connected with the front end of the worst pieces of your life. . . the times when you experienced being broken, feeling like a victim, and even making choices that brought you to being almost hopeless . . .  At that time I would have dreams at night that would leave me very unsettled – dreams that were connected directly to the women, children, and families I was trying to help, sometimes during the day I would have INTENSE knowings and feeling . . . . you may think that is a wonderful way to get information, but at the time I was unable to discern the connections in a way that was helpful.  And when things happened, unsettling things happened, it was only then that I could put together the pieces and understand what it all meant.  It was like I was chasing the 8 ball, but could not quite get the clarity to help in the way I wanted.  At that time, I knew that there was a way that I could help the women, children, and families more profoundly . . . . I just needed to find it.  That is when I found the beautiful world of energy healing.  I remember the first time I felt the divine connection when channeling reiki energy to my partner . . . I was amazed that the physical pain that he had in his finger for months was and never came back.  I was even more astonished years later when I was at an energy healing retreat, that as I released trauma from a memory of a past loss ~ a loss that I had no way of consciously remembering ~ the physical knots in my right calf (which at times caused severe discomfort for much of my life) released as the memory was acknowledged and resolved. 

Those were just a couple of the life changing moments in my journey and are a huge part of how I have chosen to shape my life and become the woman / healer / mother I am today.  I decided to take my work to a new level – I decided to initiate my intuitive, psychic, and healing connection abilities.  This has been the really fun part.  There was a point in my journey that I knew that if I went further that my life would never be the same ~ I am so very grateful that I chose to take that step . . . I have gained such an understanding of the soul and skill in helping myself, and helping others understand themselves and manage their own energy on a deep and meaningful way. 

One of the things that I found so many women are doing is choosing to sacrifice their desires, and putting themselves on the back burner, so even helping a mom choose to be empowered within herself rather than sacrifice all of the time can have such vast wide spread positive effect.  Maybe she can move from a place of sacrifice to a life of peace and harmony, maybe for the first time in her life she can find her own true beauty.  Maybe her daughter or son can learn that it is ok to experience life without constant guilt / shame for wanting or choosing to do something that in their heart is their truth.  I know the gentle change that can help – it is up to you to choose it.

I have much gratitude for all of the amazing people and situations in my life that have allowed me to claim and experience my own beauty.  From the clear white light connection that I have learned with Reiki, to the ability to integrate soul level lessons and change subconscious beliefs that no longer serve with THETAHEALING®, to the ability connect with the soul’s records and give accurate in-depth information of why things feel difficult in your life with Soul Realignment ~ I have such deep gratitude for all of it and honour all it has brought to me and had gifted to others through my connection. 

Lots of Peace, Love, and Balance



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