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  • Intuitive Masterminds – this is where you give and receive intuitive guidance from other participants as well as the group facilitator.  It includes connection, healing and clearing.  All who participate will be expected to be able to connect and provide a bit of a reading and will also be expected to receive a reading from all of the participants.  Facilitator will be calling in directions, and sending healing / clearing for releasing what no longe serves you.  Only “White Light” workers for this connection please.  Each month is a different focus for the evening.  Sessions Recorded and sent only to participants.  Focus for Wed. Jan. 13, 7:30pm MST. – focus for this session – Manifesting Desires.  

Now is the perfect time for inner work and to do more self-care!  Giving AND Receiving!

$60 reading (Reg $110)
This will include:
-a personal energy scan or reading
– showing you what you need to know to be ready and to move forward
-what your guides want you to know
-a clearing / healing to ensure any energetic congestion or overwhelm is taken care of
This reading will also include the structure and support of oracle guidance, as well as crystal healing guidance.
Looking forward to working with you.  
When Purchasing, please choose the $60 option.


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