What I Do

I help you get from a place of chaos to calm.  I help women and families understand their soul’s main charactoristics and makeup.  I provide the information, guidance and connection to resolve energetic blocks and restrictions on a soul level.  This means that with your permission, I make a connection that allows to you remove the magnetic pull of soul level blocks.  I also help you integrate lessons learned, so you can move forward in your life rather then be stuck in a negative pattern . . . . that keeps repeating.  If you are willing to do the work, and make the changes – I will guide you from chaos to calm,  supporting you energetically to take the steps to create a Beautiful Life.   I am an expert in understanding the “Big Energetic Picture” and helping bring balance to the energy within your life.

My Philosophy

When you make the right connection it is easy to “lighten” up your life.  It is possible allow your life to come into order with how you are Divinely created.  It is possible to resolve energetic blocks or restrictions that are present.  When you take those new steps (on body, mind, and soul level) it becomes much more clear, and far easier to make new choices.   

When you take steps every day that are congruent to your divine make-up and you goals that you want to have achieved in your life, the universe will support you, and things naturally come into order and balance  – without forcing or struggling to have everything to “fit” into life.

Empowering women with the tools to help connect with their own souls true powers and gifts allows them to be better mothers, stronger leaders, and more successful in every area their life.  It allows them to become more fulfilled and with purpose within their lives. 

When we understand ourselves at a very deep level our life becomes so fulfilling, purposeful, beautiful. which brings a knowing of peace and calmness.  When we align to our souls truth and strength it brings the “easy” in life right to our front door step . . . . all we have to do is open the door, take some new actions, and embrace it.  

My Methods

I have become an expert in several healing + energy reading modalities.  I access your soul level information to get the specifics you need to need to move forward.  I give you the connection needed to resolve blocks / restrictions from the point of origin.  This allows you to move along  your journey with more calm and beauty. During a session you are often able to clear issues of resentment, trauma,  and confusion so it is easy for you to move forward in a safe  and easier way – without the constant struggle of resistance.

My Goals

My goal is to help people live clean up their energetic blocks and restrictions, so they can create a life that is full of beauty, balance, and true connection.  Helping women understand and connect with themselves  and their lives, in a rich way that allows beauty and balance to  flow into their real everyday life.

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