Individual Session

Using the THETAHEALING®Technique we will have an energetic in-depth look at the areas of your life that are out of balance and in chaos, and clean up the resistance so you can move forward in your life, in a whole and balanced way, one moment at a time.   

Service Features

What to Expect

Sessions are done via distance (over phone or computer).

What do you need to Know?

You must have an area of your life you would like to work on, or a goal of what new life circumstances you would like to have in the next 3-6 months.

Heal or Resolve what no longer best for you.

Is very deep soul level healing. This is where you can heal your relationship with yourself, resolve resentment, move forward in your life. 

Move forward recognizing your changes.

Energy upgrades and connections that will allow you to recognize yourself with the changes you have made and clear the path for a new sense of CALM!

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