Soul Realignment for Your Business

Soul Realignment and Business Analysis.  Will include 3 sessions  (a soul matrix reading; a business analysis with energetic set-up of business; and a follow-up session).  Also includes email support throughout the process.

Service Features

How do you manifest the easiest?

Detailed Analysis of your divine soul blueprint, allowing you to understand how you manifest the easiest.  

Business Analysis

A detailed look at where you are aligned vs. misaligned within your business – with a focus on reaching the goals you have set out for yourself and you business.

Energetic Set-up

You will have the chance to participate in creating a energetic matrix for your business – giving it a boost of vital force energy – AKA bringing it more alive. 


There will be a follow-up support session, to energetically support you on your journey with creating a business that is aligned with your soul’s vital force energy!

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